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We answer all questions about tile, grout and carpet cleaning.

Welcome to our FAQ page, and thank you for trusting us! We guarantee that we pay attention to every detail to convey the answers without hassle. Carpet cleaning is the easiest activity and the simplest subject if you are using the right source. Learn more by reading bellow!

Is it better if I steam clean carpets?

Steam cleaning is very good because it will complete the carpet cleaning procedures. Though, you cannot expect miracles. Steam cleaners are excellent for odor removal, removing the dust and refreshing carpeting but they will not remove persistent stains according to specialists at Carpet Cleaning Hermosa Beach. Stain removal must be done in the traditional way. You need to remember that steam cleaners are not vacuums and, therefore, you must vacuum the carpets first.

How will I avoid moisture on carpets?

Moisture is catastrophic for all carpets. It will completely ruin them, if they are not dried immediately or keep your hands full with water restoration. It is best not to place carpets close to radiators, sinks, water pipes or bathrooms. If you store them, don't put them in the basement, where is usually damp and there is high possibility of a flood. Take care of possible plumbing problems and do mildew inspection often.

Will my carpet protector wear off when a professional cleaner cleans my carpet?

It is a fact that your carpet protector will wear off whenever your carpet is in use. Vacuuming and even walking on your carpet will have an effect on it. That is why our carpet experts in Hermosa Beach recommend applying a new protector on your carpet regularly to ensure constant protection.

Is it okay to use the carpet while it is still damp?

Some cleaners provide shoe protection to avoid dirtying the newly cleaned carpets while they are still damp. However, for maximum results, avoid walking over damp carpets. They can easily be dirtied, and that would waste the time and effort used for cleaning the carpet.

Is there a recommended period when I should vacuum my carpet?

According to our experts, vacuuming is a good step for maintaining your carpet and can be done anytime. While carpet servicing and washing can be done at least annually, vacuuming should be done as often as on a monthly basis.

Is rug beating an effective method for cleaning?

It is safe and works well for dust removal. If there is more stubborn dirt, however, deep cleaning will be required. If you decide to beat your rug, you have to take the rug outside and hang it up, just make sure that it will not fall down. Choose a tool that is sufficiently large and well designed so that it will not leave marks on the rug.

Carpet Cleaning Hermosa Beach

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