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How To Get Rid Of Wine Stains Of Your Carpet

09/18/2013 Back To Blog

There is not a greater pleasure, than returning home from long day at work and relaxing in your favorite chair with the glass of great red wine. Quite often, when we achieve the maximum level of relaxation we tend to let go (which in fact is the whole purpose of relaxing) but sometimes we let go so much we become imprudent - quite often at the expense of our furniture, and especially carpets and rugs and upholstery. Great red wine’s taste sticks for long with us but unfortunately it sticks even longer on our carpets.How To Get Rid Of Wine Stains Of Your Carpet

React promptly

In fact when it comes to red wine stains, one wrong move may be enough to make this horrible stain your permanent resident. One thing you definitely should ignore when red wine staining occurs on your upholstery, rugs or carpets is to ignore it or leave it for later. Even if you are hosting the most important party of this year or if you are in the middle of your wedding anniversary celebration, you should get down on your knees and start treating the stain, unless off course you want to start counting the anniversaries with your new stain as well.

Starting point

The first things you should do when red wine spillage takes place is to take a cloth and immediately remove the wine residues off your carpet, rug or upholstery. Since wine is liquid it gets into deeper layers of your carpet and upholstery fabric relatively quick becoming almost impossible to remove afterwards. After wiping off the wine, you may pour some of your cooking salt over the satin. This simple trick will help with more detailed absorption of the wine residues. After doing all this, you may still not remove the spot all together but you will definitely make it possible for carpet cleaning company to do so. The last step would be to call carpet cleaning company for final touch.

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